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ITRI’s Electronics and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories continue to establish relationships and provide international research platforms where R&D can be conducted jointly to bring about industrial developments that generate economic values. Through continuous efforts on the utilization and commercialization of R&D outputs, we actively assist the industry in developing new business opportunities via international cooperation, IP licensing and business consulting, academic collaborations, and a mix of technical services, such as productions & process development, pilot production and test & certification, to enhance competitiveness and boost industry advancement. Research programs include R2R, 3D scanner, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), 3DIC TSV, MRAM, RRAM, Power module & technology, LED, OLED, etc. In the course of these research activities, we have cooperated with numerous national partners, international companies, universities and research institutes to bring their innovations, products and services to the market and enhance the global industrial competitiveness.

Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab
The "Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab" established in 2007 is an open laboratory that serves as the bedrock for creating a roll-to-roll R&D platform.
Nanotechnology Lab
The laboratory devotes itself to innovative research and the development of semiconductor industrial technologies with flexible and stable process platforms.
3DIC Research Lab
The laboratory is the first 3D integration research facility of its kind in Asia equipped for 12-inch 3DIC core manufacturing TSV (Through-Silicon Via) formation and 3D stacking.
Power Module Testing Lab
In order to conserve power, this lab is established as Asia’s first internationally certified testing platform with a variety of power electronics solutions from design and manufacturing to testing.
Optoelectronic Semiconductor Fabrication Lab
As a small production lab that offers a broad range of integrated services from upstream to downstream, including epitaxy, processing, packaging, and testing, the Lab has an advanced pilot line...
LED Ergonomic Lighting Lab
Using tunable spectra LED module technology and simulating the physics information of different lighting environments, the lab combines ergonomics with modern lighting technology to develop superior lighting solutions and create more comfortable living environments.
Optoelectronic Semiconductor Measurement Lab
The Lab has acquired the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation and was awarded by the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation as the first national accredited LED testing laboratory in Taiwan to provide characterization and testing of semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices.
Intelligent Vision System Lab
The lab integrates optical, machine and electronic-based approaches through featuring, testing and demonstration to present the use of intelligent vision technologies for new application scenarios or services.