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Research Topics

Development of Laser Metal Forming and Processing Technology, including laser cutting, laser drilling, laser (bi-metal) welding, laser texturing, laser hardness, laser cladding, laser metal deposition, laser remote cutting/welding , etc. Development of Transparent Substrate Laser Processing Technology, including laser etching, laser cutting, laser crack trimming (edge protection), laser micro drilling, laser patterning, etc.
Development of ICP-PECVD thin films coating technology to fabricate high-performance gas barrier in single chamber. Development of intelligent web transfer and guiding technologies used in flexible substrate transmission. Establishment of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for non-metallic materials in 3D printing technology. Develops “Human Skin Equivalent 3D Printing Technology” for bionic skin production.
Laser additive manufacturing technology is an innovative manufacturing method compared to the traditional cutout processing method because it can easily build complex geometric structures of internal flowing channels, and create highly valuable products for the industry.
ITRI developed key modules from kilo-watts continuous wave (CW) laser sources, 1000W CW laser sources, to medium power range nanosecond pulsed laser sources. It also builds a laser processing test laboratory to provide related services.