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Targeted Drug Development


Targeted Drug Development

In the fields of therapeutic medicine’s R&D, the Lab has been addressing protein drugs, herbal drugs and small-molecule drugs. Protein drugs have become the mainstream new drug that is researched and developed globally. The Lab’s R&D strategy of protein drug is to design and develop an antibody new drug based on the Lab’s proprietary platform technology. An innovative, collagen-like scaffold, “Collabody”, has been developed in the Lab to conjugate with various binding domains of the antibody. A Collabody new drug has been developed for treating auto-immune diseases. BDL is extending the application of Collabody to other therapeutic fields.

The Lab’s R&D strategy in relating to small molecule drugs addresses on pharmacologic mechanisms and drug-delivering system. By targeting and intervening cell signal transmitting paths, the Lab has successfully developed new drugs in treating leukemia and liver cancer. By innovating the drug-delivering system, the new dosage form can carry the drug either to penetrate the blood brain barrier or through hypodermic injections. Some existing drugs can benefit from this approach by exploring new therapeutic applications and improving efficacy and safety as well. In addition to new drug R&D, the Lab also possesses and operates a GMP-compliant facility for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing. Local pharmaceutical companies benefit from this facility and the manufacturing processes developed by BDL to facilitate their product launch in the global market.

Building on a longstanding heritage of traditional Chinese medicine, the Lab develops herbal medicinal products by applying a scientific approach to discover and define the natural medicinal materials. The objective is to generate solutions for possible systemic treatment and personalized medicine as well. To date, a number of active ingredients have been singled out from natural plants to ascertain their therapeutic effects. Under the spotlight are herbal drugs aimed at treating hepatitis B and C, inflammatory arthritis, enteritis and gout.

Anti-CD3 Collabody - Protein Drug for Treating Immune Disease
Anti-CD3 Collabody - Protein Drug for Treating Immune Disease

Core Technology

Protein Engineering

  • Novel Antibody Scaffold Technology (Collabody™)
  • miRNA Related Technology
  • Phage Display Antibody Screening
  • Protein Structure Analysis
  • Chimeric Antibody Humanization Technology
  • Screening for High Expression Mammalian Stable Cell Line for Recombinant Protein Production

Herbal Medicine

  • Pharmacologic Analysis for Botanical Extracts
  • DNA-based Authentication for Botanical Raw Materials
  • Bioactive Components Isolation, Purification and Identification for Botanical Products
  • Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)-compliant Plant Cultivation
  • Novel Materia Medica Development and Application Platform Technologies
  • Aqueous Phase Extraction of Botanical Raw Materials
  • Rapid Separation and Purification of Botanical Products

Pharmacologic Evaluation and Content Analysis

  • Disease Animal Model Establishment
  • Anti-cancer Activity Evaluation
  • Anti-viral Activity Evaluation
  • Anti-inflammation Activity Evaluation

Drug Delivering System

  • Drug Development of Anti-cancer Targeted Therapy
  • Active Targeting DDS for Crossing Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Non-virus Gene Delivery System
  • Nano Polymeric Micelle DDS
  • Oral Delivery DDS for Bio-pharmaceutics
  • Sustained Release DDS (microsphere / hydrogel)
  • Topical Liposomal DDS

Cosmetic Product Development and Testing

  • Cosmetic Skin Care Product Development
  • Sun-blocking Cosmetic Product Development and Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Digital Color Management for Colorful Cosmetics
  • Medical Cosmetology Product Development and Pertinent Regulation Research

Pharmaceutics Production

  • GMP Manufacturing of Medicinal, Cosmetics, and Health Food Products
  • Regulatory Documents Preparation for Health Food Certificate Application
  • Technical Documents Preparation for IND Submission


  • Computer-assisted Drug Design
  • Integration of Heterogeneous Biomedical Database
  • Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Database


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