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Combination Device and Orthopedic


Combination Device and Orthopedic

Based on clinical needs, by integrating technologies with biomaterials, cellular components, growth factors and drug control release, the Lab has introduced a series of innovative bioactive combination devices and products to enhance tissue regeneration and repair. For instance, the ortho-biological combination products intended for bone tissue regeneration can be used in treating avascular necrosis, osteomyelitis, poor healing bone defect, osteoporosis fracture, non-union fracture, etc. In terms of dental applications, these can be used in the filling of alveolar. Also, a composite ophthalmic medical material is developed for use in the artificial cornea. Furthermore, the ITRI Adhesion Barrier serves as a temporary bioresorbable barrier separating apposing tissue surfaces. The physical presence of the membrane separates adhesiogenic tissue while the normal tissue repair process takes place. When applied as directed, the adhesion barrier can be expected to reduce adhesions within the abdominopelvic cavity after abdominal surgery. Above all, the Lab is fully capable of testing all the combination products developed at our labs to verify their capability and safety.

Foamy Collagen Substitute
Foamy Collagen Substitute

The Lab has introduced a number of technologies meant for spinal reconstruction and treatment among other applications in the field of sports medicine. In addition to technologies for healing joint bone and cartilage injuries, the Lab has been a global pioneer in introducing technologies for dealing with femoral head avascular necrosis and minimally invasive technologies for spinal disc repair. Furthermore, the Lab has applied its expertise in orthopedic instruments and devices to both product development and manufacture. GMP production lines are put in place and clinical tests are conducted. Above all, the Lab does its best to assist local ventures in the field in shortening the time to market and enhancing capability for adding value to products.

Core Technology

  • Ÿ  Cell Product Development and Screening Technology
  • Ÿ  Stem Cell Culture, Differentiation and Mass Production
  • Ÿ  Stem Cell Manipulation for Drug Discovery and Cell Therapy
  • Ÿ  Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Combination Devices
  • Ÿ  Control Release of Bio-active Molecules
  • Ÿ  Design, Synthesis and Fabrication of Implantable Bio-matrix
  • Ÿ  Development of Equipment and Biomaterials for Minimally Invasive Surgery


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