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Medical Device and Diagnostics


Medical Device and Diagnostics

With a medical electronics system at the core, electronic, optoelectronic and information technologies are integrated with such biotechnologies as molecular biology and biochemistry with a view to developing distributed medical electronics and imaging devices. Emphasis is placed on the development of early-warning systems for cardiovascular diseases and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.

Optical Coherence Tomography System
Optical Coherence Tomography System

They hold great potential for clinical applications as they have proven effective in processing biomedical signals rapidly and enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of examination and testing. The emergence of preventive medicine has fostered greater demand for diagnostics and monitoring devices. With a minimal blood requirement and rapidity and accuracy as its goals, the Lab is geared towards the development of in vitro diagnostics technologies meant for point-of-care applications, molecular diagnostics, and gene chips. It has already come up with micro portable devices that make diagnostics and monitoring much easier.

Portable Medical Ultrasound Handheld Digital Full-color Non-Mydriatics Ophthalmoscope
Portable Medical Ultrasound Handheld Digital Full-color Non-Mydriatics Ophthalmoscope

Core Technology

Biomedical Electronics and Medical Imaging

  • Wireless Physiological Monitoring Technology and Chip Implementation Techniques on Biomedical Signal Processing (can be applied to a variety of physiological signal detection)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography System (can be applied to ophthalmology, colorectal cancer detection, etc.)
  • Sleep-disordered Breathing Monitoring System (including non-invasive breathing test)
  • Tele-care International Standard Communication Technology (can be used in wearable healthcare devices and other wireless transmissions, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic Thermotherapy System (can be combined with targeted therapy)
  • Image Analysis Techniques and System Development (ultrasound and digital radiography)
  • Medical Optomechatronic Integration System Development

Biomarkers and In-vitro Diagnostic

  • Clinical Genomics / Proteomics Platform
  • Clinical Sample Molecular Signature Preservation
  • Diagnostic Algorithm Development
  • Biochemical Detection Technology (micro-blood detection system development, rapid blood coagulation detection, single-step biochemical reagents, gGlycated hemoglobin detection technology, etc.)
  • Immune Electrochemical Detection Technology (chronic metabolic syndrome point-of-care testing technology, desktop auto-fluorescence / luminescence technology, key raw material development)
  • Molecular Detection Techniques (nucleic acid isolation extraction, automated molecular diagnostic system, development and application of high-density microarray)

Innovation Technology Development and Integration –
High Volume Cell Culvert / Pathogen Image Analysis and Diagnosis

  • Cell / Pathogen Image Analysis Applications (cell enrichment, cell sorting, cell condition monitoring, development of other related systems, etc.)
  • Trace Cell / Pathogenic / Inclusions Analysis (molecular detection, immunoassay, etc.)
  • Cell / Pathogen Detection with Integrated Optical and Electrical SystemS
  • Prospective Diagnosis with Detection Devices and Systems


Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories



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