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Medical Device and Diagnostics


Medical Device and Diagnostics

Biomedical Electronics and Medical Imaging

  • Negative Pressure Airway Dilator
  • Sleep-disordered Breathing Monitoring System
  • Electronic Stethoscope
  • Wearable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
  • Portable Fetal Monitor
  • Hand-held Dynamometer
  • Medication Compliance and Monitoring Device
  • Non-invasive Bone Densitometer
  • A Plug & Play Tele-health Monitoring System
  • The Quantification of Arterial Stiffness and IMT
  • Plane Wave Ultrasound System

Biomarkers and In-vitro Diagnostic

  • Diagnostic Biomarkers for Liver Fibrosis
  • Biomarkers for Diabetic Nephropathy Management
  • Biomarkers for Renal Function and Nephrotoxicity Evaluations
  • Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Risk Assessment
  • SmartCare POCT Microsample Analyzer
  • Multifunction Bio-electronic Nose
  • Multiplex Markers of Fluidic Chip
  • Magnetic-based hsCRP Rapid Test Kit
  • Portable Coagulation Monitoring System
  • Total Solution of Gene Chip
  • Lung Cancer Prognosis


Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories



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