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ITRI Netherlands Office


ITRI Netherlands Office

The Building of ITRI NetherlandsThe Building of ITRI Netherlands

The ITRI Netherlands Office, located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, was inaugurated in 2013. The presence in the High Tech Campus would allow ITRI to seamlessly expand its domestic networks to over 100 high-tech companies in the Eindhoven region. In addition, the office has demonstrated ITRI’s intention and commitment on developing and strengthening its R&D relationship with the Dutch counterparts on a variety of projects which include high-tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, and green energy

Inauguration Ceremony of ITRI Netherlands Office in Eindhoven, the NetherlandsInauguration Ceremony of ITRI Netherlands Office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Mission & Vision

The mission of this office is to assist ITRI’s research teams to develop and maintain the research network and partnership with Dutch partners, as well as to initiate cross-disciplinary collaborative projects. In line with ITRI's emphasis on advanced and innovative R&D, the ITRI Netherlands Office will also scout out timely industrial and technological information to help mapping research strategies and identifying cooperation opportunities.


  • Provide timely industrial/technological information about the Netherlands to ITRI, as well as technology development information about ITRI to the Netherlands
  • Identify potential technological areas for collaboration on the basis of complementary fit of technical strengths and business opportunities
  • Facilitate the building of joint R&D team and strategic business partnering


ITRI Netherlands Office

High Tech Campus 9, 5656 AE Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Tel: +31-408512242