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ITRI Netherlands Office


ITRI Netherlands Office

The Building of ITRI Netherlands.The Building of ITRI Netherlands.

In 2013, ITRI took the initiative to explore innovative collaboration opportunities in the Netherlands by establishing a representative office in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Since its inauguration, the ITRI Netherlands Office has dedicated to fostering R&D&I collaboration for maximizing mutual benefits. It is located in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, known as “the Smartest Kilometers in Europe.” This office proves its local relevance through connecting many prominent Dutch enterprises and research organizations step by step such as Philips, ASML, Phenomworld, TNO, ECN, and IKNL. By doing so, ITRI manages a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration opportunities, and several tangible cooperation have been fostered by partnering with Dutch entities.

MOU Signing Ceremony between IKNL and ITRI.MOU Signing Ceremony between IKNL and ITRI.

Mission & Vision

  • Representing ITRI in the Netherlands and promoting its image as the leading Taiwanese innovation powerhouse

  • Fostering industry-oriented, solution-based collaborations using combinations of well-developed technological innovation output

  • Stimulating advanced research cooperation to seize niche opportunities evolving from common societal challenges


  • Providing as-requested information on technological innovation and assisting in the assessment of cooperation opportunities
  • Facilitating, matching, and bridging bi-lateral or multi-lateral R&D&I cooperation with ITRI
  • Nurturing the exchange of researchers and technical opinions of innovative research


ITRI Netherlands Office

High Tech Campus 9, 5656 AE Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Tel: +31-408512242