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Flexible AMOLED Technology


Flexible AMOLED Technology

11. UI Technology for Foldable AMOLED Device

Based on its FlexUP™ technology, ITRI has collaborated with Institute for Information Industry (III) to successfully combine foldable touch UI with foldable AMOLED display module. This integrated device has characteristics of being flexible, thin and impact-resistant which make it advantageous over conventional glass displays. This flexible display technology can be used to enhance user interface and develop remarkable novel application such as foldable device which combines a mobile phone when folded, and a tablet when unfolded.

12. Transparent Flexible OLED Display Technology

ITRI has developed a transparent OLED display based on its FlexUP™ substrate. With the advantages of being flexible and transparent, this technology could be utilized in automotive display, e.g. on windshield glass and side windows. This transparent OLED display offers enhanced user experience in the automotive display and thus opens an opportunity for the next generation display.

13. Flexible AMOLED Simulation Platform

ITRI has developed a Flexible AMOLED Simulation Platform that consists of (1) Simulation analysis of bending behavior, (2) Simulation analysis of mechanical de-bonding behavior, and (3) Thin-film material measurement technology. The platform can efficiently evaluate the resistance of bend and delamination. Furthermore, it can provide estimations of structure optimization design, product reliability analysis and product life prediction for Flexible AMOLED.
Technical Specifications: Bending simulation, Mechanical de-bonding simulation, Mechanical characteristics measurement of thin-film materials.

14. Flexible OLED Light Source

ITRI collaborated with material company to successfully develop a flexible OLED light source employing its FlexUP™ technology. The flexible lightweight OLED light source is less than 0.1 mm in thickness which enables the applications for wearable device, automobile and aviation dashboard as well as novel indoor illumination.

15. Flexible TFT Technology

ITRI has developed a thin film transistor (TFT) with high flexibility by adjusting film stress, enhancing the device quality and adopting new TFT design & structure to achieve small folding radius. It has already been integrated with a 7” prototype flexible AMOLED display.
Technical Specification: TFT folding @ r=3mm passing 100,000 times, TFT performance remained at 95%.