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Models & Cases

ITRI undertakes strategic/industrial consulting services contracted by international enterprises. Projects as such encourage ITRI's R&D units, domestic companies and industrial associations to become more internationalized.
1. ITRI introduces IPs that add value to ITRI's existing technologies or IP portfolios to help upgrade Taiwan's industry and strengthen their position in the market.
2. ITRI transfers its IPs to domestic or international enterprises to meet their demand for internationalization.
ITRI teams up with internationally renowned universities, R&D institutes or enterprises to conduct joint research to develop breakthrough foresight technologies.
ITRI consolidates all its IP/technologies/know-how and makes them available to Taiwan's enterprises for commercialization, enabling them to collaborate with international companies or form strategic joint ventures.
ITRI combines the technologies developed in house and those acquired through strategic investment in domestic or international companies to form start-up companies. It routinely becomes a stakeholder of these companies paving the way for domestic companies to enter the global market by international collaboration.