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Research Topics

R2R Production
The approach of the innovative roll-to-roll design and precision printing technology in touch panel production eliminates the seven machines needed for conventional sputtering, resist-coating, baking, exposure, developing, etching, and stripping with a single direct-printing machine.
Intelligent Vision System
The rapid advancement of IVS techniques in a wide range of applications, such as in operating equipment/machines, and in using a variety of handheld/wearable devices or software interfaces, clearly demonstrates the development of modern science.
Advanced Lighting
Advanced Lighting In light of recognizing the importance of protecting the environment, international companies have integrated various technologies and concepts, such as the intelligent human-factor lighting application, to change the way light is used.
New Semiconductor Architectures
Taiwan plays a key role in the global semiconductor industry supply chain. ITRI continues to be at the forefront of technological innovations to strengthen the research capability of new system architectures such as advanced memories, 3DIC and ultra-fine line, and embedded-interposer-carrier substrates.
IoT Data Links
Along with the rapid growth of cloud computing, which relies heavily upon Big Data and high-speed transmission technologies, ITRI has started developing the 150GHz transmission technology and optical links technology.