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Joint Research

ITRI and Stanford University co-developed aluminum-ion battery with quick charge/discharge functions
ITRI began collaborating with Stanford University to develop an aluminum-ion battery made of graphite and aluminum. The project called for ITRI to provide the aluminum-ion electrolyte solution knowhow, while Stanford the cathode graphite.
Oxford Instruments expands on-site R&D center in ITRI
The world renowned equipment and tool manufacturing group, Oxford Instruments of the UK, has cooperated with ITRI for over ten years. This relationship began in 2006 following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation.
Joint technology development by ITRI and France's CEA-Liten
CEA-Liten is one of the three major research institutes of CEA Tech (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), which focuses on new energy source and nanomaterial research. In 2016, Dr. Alex Y.M. Peng, then General Director of ITRI's Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, attended a high-level forum hosted by CEA-Tech where he met CEA-Liten's Director Mrs. Florence Lambert for discussions about collaboration.
ITRI and Kikuchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. collaborated to build next generation wearable orthosis
The joint research topic emerged during ITRI's collaboration with Waseda University of Japan. While working on robot research, Waseda introduced Kikuchi Seisakusho Co. Ltd., a Japanese mold designer and manufacturer, to ITRI's high-precision pressure sensor team to develop the Higher Sensitivity Tactile-film System for Wearable Orthosis (HSTS).