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Cloud Service and Big Data Technology

ITRI’s R&D team of software system safety has developed the ITRI Application Whitelisting technology from scratch, providing a comprehensive solution that covers everything from the front-end agent and back-end management system to security validation and updates.
Prognostic and Health Management Software in Semiconductors
The Prognostic and Health Management Software in Semiconductors monitors and evaluates the conditions of the equipment and its parts by collecting and analyzing data on the machines.
PCB Intelligent Manufacturing Platform
ITRI actively promotes the digital transformation of industry and has developed a collaborative platform for analyzing PCB process data, whereby manufacturers can predict the yield rate of a production process with big data analytics to quickly discover the causes of low yield rates, which may include flawed production processes, product classifications, and equipment compatibility.
The provision of adaptive product recommendation through product analysis, consumer relevance, and consumer preference can improve consumers’ shopping experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty and the online shopping rate.
ITRI has developed a data–driven analysis solution which uses data mining and machine learning algorithms to narrow down the root causes to within ten despite a large amount of production variables.
Remotely–Operated Autonomous Drone
ITRI’s ICT Solution for Drones integrates three major technical features: Remotely–Operated Autonomous Drone (ROAD), Tribrid Real–Time Streaming for Drones, and Super Range.
Working with leading financial holding corporations, ITRI utilizes ICT technologies such as blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop new financial and insurance services.
Big Data Analytics for Industry 4.0 Predictive Manufacturing
To assist manufacturers in maintaining a competitive edge in operational management control and in improving their production efficiency and yield rates, ITRI has developed a big data analytics solution with integrated ensemble learning capability.
Cloud Service Applications
ITRI has extensive experience in cloud software and hardware integration, competency in cloud operation service, and ownership of intellectual properties in the IaaS cloud platform.