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Infrastructure and Service Platform

Smart Warehouse Management System
ITRI has developed a highly precise and efficient Smart Warehouse Management System that has increased the core value of customer satisfaction through short delivery time, high flexibility, and zero error.
Centimeter Level Positioning Using Channel State Information (CSI)
ITRI’s Centimeter Level Positioning Using CSI Information technology adopts Wi-Fi APs, which are small Wi-Fi routers, to connect to Wi-Fi phones and perform positioning with information from the wireless channel, lowering the uncertainty value to below 1 meter. Therefore, without installing an additional app on the phone and without impacting user habits or power consumption, the positioning system can instantly track phone positions as long as the phone is connected to a base station. Moreover, one Wi-Fi AP can track the positions of multiple Wi-Fi phones.
Hardware as a Service
The exclusive HaaS (Hardware as a Service) developed by ITRI integrates server deployment, network monitoring, and server management systems to provide a comprehensive server leasing process, allowing 10-fold provisioning efficiency and 20-fold labor saving for data center operators.
Revision of the SI
In response to the redefinition of SI, ITRI has built a series of systems that use quantum metrology to realize the new standards, so that Taiwan measurement standards can be kept in sync with international ones.
iPickup Station
ITRI uses big data analytics to gain control over correct locations for providing delivery services, and this forges an alliance between DHL’s SwipBox solution and Chunghwa Post’s iPickup solution. ITRI’s iPickup system provides consumers using DHL with an option to choose a nearby iPickup station at which to collect their orders.
Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure
ITRI has developed a new generation Rack Scale Architecture (RSA) data center using software-defined virtualization technology.
Optically Based Particulate Matter 2.5 μm Sensor
ITRI has developed the first locally produced PM 2.5 sensor, which can be applied for indoor and outdoor detection. It primarily uses an innovative, highly stable single-layer MEMS filter to effectively isolate large particles in order to improve detection accuracy.
Building Energy Simulation Technology with Artificial Intelligence (BESTAI)
BESTAI can quickly perform an analysis via standard building models developed with diverse building types. It also has a complete database of construction materials and equipment, in which reliable internet resources and data can be searched on a regular basis using web crawler technology with artificial intelligence. As a result, the accuracy of an analysis can be improved.
Pre-5G Radio Access—NOMA
To resolve high frequency transmission problems with 5G networks, ITRI and MediaTek are focused on the globally recognized 38/39 GHz band and cooperated to release the world’s first prototype system for 4G+5G dual mode small cells that integrates LTE with the 38/39 GHz mmWave in early 2017.
ITRI developed an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) compliant AMI solution, which includes an application layer software stack, a security mechanism for data communication, a metering data management system, and an IEC compliance software stack testing platform.