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Infrastructure and Service Platform

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ITRI developed an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) compliant AMI solution, which includes an application layer software stack, a security mechanism for data communication, a metering data management system, and an IEC compliance software stack testing platform.
Key 5G Technologies
In response to the ultra–high density network that requires 1,000 small cells per square kilometer, ITRI employs Self–Organizing Networks (SON) technology to conduct network configuration of small cells and to strengthen coverage and signal quality across the field.
Electronic Ticket Package Platform for Tourism Services
Electronic Ticket Package Platform is an inter-industry service solution for smart tourism. In the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, an innovative service model integrates low-carbon vehicles with an intelligent transportation management system, an electronic ticket system, and local SME businesses.
Innovative Technology Development and Essential Intellectual
The 4G LTE Small Cells jointly developed by ITRI and networking companies were introduced in Mobile World Congress 2015. ITRI’s “4G+ Experimental Network” has been launched for testing and certification, equipment rental, and offered for technical support services.
System Integration and Field Trial for V2X Safety Applications
ITRI’s Shark Fin DSRC product adopts 802.11p SoC and ThreadX RTOS in compliance with the MISRA-C coding standards and supports both OEM and aftermarket installations.
Mobile Edge Cloud Network with 5G D2D Wireless Relay Backhaul Capability Solution
As smart wearable devices become an integral part of our life, the need for ubiquitous connection will also rise. With ITRI’s Mobile Edge Network Cloud (MEC) with 5G D2D Wireless Relay Backhaul Solution and Architecture, proximity service can be sent to wearable devices and surrounding information can be gathered.
LED Visible Light Communication Technology
Information and Communications Research Laboratories’ LED visible light communication (VLC) technology can be used to combine existing white-light LED components and FTTH optical access network to provide an indoor wireless communication network system.
4G-LTE Small Cell, Dual-Mode High Speed Application Service System and 5G Communication
With its own technologies covering baseband, communication protocol, system software, radio resource management, self-organization network software, multiband smart antenna, etc., ITRI has developed a fourthgeneration long term evolution (4G-LTE) small cell solution with a built-in Wi-Fi module ready for trial production.
BAMPI: Bare-Metal Provisioning from ITRI
Propagating software deployment technological services to the cloud computing industry, BAMPI (Bare-Metal Provisioning from ITRI) has been developed to assist data center servers in their automated software deployment, update, and upgrade operations. The system implements software installation, firmware updates, and operation system configuration, all remotely and automatically.
Interactive Digital Media Platform
Regarding mobile cloud services, the ITRI-developed TOLiFE is a cloudbased software platform that provides passengers with unique and interactive experiences while riding in cabs.