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Mechanical Systems Technologies

Active Damping System Technology for Low Frequency Vibration Suppression
The active damping system can detect eddy currents induced by structural vibration, generate reverse vibration to reduce low frequency vibration amplitude, and improve machine tool stability.
Energy-Saving Laser Descaling Agent Technology
This laser cleaning system is equipped with a lightweight hand-held single-axis scanning mirror and a simple operator panel to make it highly mobile.
Robot Tactile Sensing System
The robot tactile sensing system has made a major breakthrough in safety sensing products, and further enabled the second generation of tactile sensors, the tactile teaching ring.
Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration
The ITRI high performance octocopter is equipped with a high power density hybrid power unit and a dual propeller propulsion unit. The efficient hybrid power unit benefits from a lightweight aviation internal combustion engine and a compact integrated starter and generator (ISG).
L/S LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) Exposure Platform
In order to establish core technology for Taiwan's own maskless lithography machines for precision semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ITRI has developed key technologies for laser direct imaging maskless lithography machines. For instance, the high-speed synchronous laser output control has a computing efficiency up to 20 Gpps, and the laser scanning point offset jitter is less than 1 μm after correction. The real-time high-precision CCD exposure correction technology corrects mechanical-optical error with an accuracy of 1.25 μm.
Next-Generation Semiconductor Inspection Technology
ITRI is developing X-ray metrology technologies that offer high resolution at sub-nanometer scale. One such technology is long-wavelength X-ray reflectivity, which can measure thin films of up to 1 nm thickness in micro areas (~50 μm x 50 μm). Another is transmission small-angle X-ray scattering technology with a signal enhancement module; this can in-line measure the critical dimensions in 7 nm, 5 nm, and 3 nm technology node processes.
The Computer Visual Defect Detection technology developed by ITRI utilizes a novel in-depth learning network architecture design with multiple smaller but comprehensively structured branch network models. This system provides the flexibility of branching and collaborative decisionmaking to build a fast and highly accurate defect categorization system. Furthermore, its multiple cutting evaluation merging mechanisms can improve accuracy and reduce the number of missed detections for major defect categories.
Lightweight Manufacturing Execution System—MES Lite
To bridge the gap between supply and demand, ITRI has developed a virtual multi-machine (VMX)-based lightweight manufacturing execution system (MES Lite) to meet the needs of SMEs. Necessary functions such as paperless work orders, work order tracking, equipment health status, and visualization of process data are strengthened to allow manufacturers to quickly implement MES Lite within their operations, thus increasing overall efficiency.
Laser Welding Application Upgrade
Laser welding is a non-contact welding technology. With the merits of low heat input, small bead width, low residual stress, and minimal welding deformation, it is widely used across various industries. When combined with an automation system, laser welding can be quickly integrated into a production line, significantly improving manufacturing speed and product quality.
Intelligent Agriculture Technology
ITRI developed agricultural automation technology and the smart poultry barn technology to move towards Agriculture 4.0. The automated chicken butchering technology, for instance, uses a cutter driven by a servo motor-operated cam to simulate hand motions when cutting with a knife.