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Smart Endpoints

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Fan-out panel level packaging has been considered as the next generation technology for thin and highly integrated IC packaging.
Rollable AMOLED
With its FlexUPTM technology, ITRI developed the prototype of a rollable AMOLED display with an FHD of 310 ppi, and significantly reduced the thickness and weight of the display module.
Long–Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head–Up Display (HUD) Technology
ITRI uses laser micro projection and long-distance floating technologies to produce the laser HUD.
MMG (Mechanomyogram) Gesture Recognition Technology
The MMG technology developed by ITRI uses a G–sensor or microphone as a measurement sensor to acquire muscle movement data by measuring muscle surface vibration.
Optical Camera Communications (OCC) Technology in Visible Light Communication
The Optical Camera Communications Technology developed by ITRI uses the camera function embedded in smart phones as a receiver. Hence, visible light communication is available right after a software upgrade, increasing consumers’ willingness to adopt it.
SAMMCERS has an environmentally friendly advantage as it possesses a self–guided mechanism which can improve yield, reduce production costs, and cut carbon emission by 50%.
Ultra-Fine Pitch Digital Signage Module for Displays
ITRI developed a micro LED display technology, which is applied in innovative ultra–fine pitch LED digital signage with high throughput and wire bonding–free micro LED packaging.
Portable UVC LED Disinfection Module
ITRI has applied portable UVC LED disinfection technology to develop a Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer, which can eliminate 99.9% of pathogenic microbes, such as E. coli, in 90 seconds.
Power and Thermal-Aware ESL Platform Technology
In collaboration with IC design houses, IP vendors, EDA vendors, and foundries, ITRI established a new cross–domain system–level power consumption analysis standard.
Systems Software for Smartphones
ITRI integrates related technologies and offers users innovative mobile phone services, such as accurate ad serving, smart interest recommendation, smart personal assistant, and new mobile phone app solutions, elevating the competitiveness of Taiwan’s smart phone manufacturers.