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Smart Endpoints

There are more and more renewable or distributed energy resources in the modern power grid. The operation of power market and system control will then be gradually modified. As a result, the micro grid and regional control of distribution system become more and more important.
This technology integrates a patented high heat dissipation insulated copper substrate, high thermal conductivity diffused soldering, and metal clips, with computer-aided engineering software analysis.
Interactive Transparent System
It is using flexible display core technology as the foundation to develop a transparent AMOLED display, and further adopting AI-enabled interaction technology to build an Interactive Transparent System Platform.
Autonomous Vehicle & Surrounding Sensing Subsystem
The Surrounding Sensing Subsystem is a software system that combines multiple sensors, offering human-like senses including vision (camera), hearing (Internet of Vehicles), touch (LiDAR), and sense of direction (GPS). It identifies all objects related to driving and can predict future paths. This technology can be applied to driving assistance systems of regular cars in addition to self-driving cars.
Automatic Police UAV Patrol System
The ground control station software bundle developed by ITRI offers automation, including waypoint settings, route planning, and one-touch take-off. It also enables simultaneous management of multiple drones to save time and labor with real-time flight information. This technology, which received a 2018 R&D 100 Award, can be applied to various scenarios, replacing dangerous, time-consuming, and labor-intensive work on tasks such as fixed-point security surveillance, air patrol, dam and watershed inspection, and bridge inspection.
Highly Integrated Multi-Functional Front Plate for Foldable On-Cell Touch AMOLED
Based on ITRI’s FlexUPTM technology, the abrasion, scratch and impact-resistant multi-functional front plate, integrated with a gas barrier for reliability and ultra-thin circular polarizer for optical performance, is under 100 μm in thickness and passes a 200,000-iteration folding test at a curvature of 3 mm.
Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector
ITRI has developed Taiwan’s first Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector, integrating a multi-wavelength optical inspection apparatus design with a patented algorithm for dynamic degradation and intelligent analysis technology. The device can be used to conduct quantitative detection of pesticide residue via a specific absorption spectrum.
On-Site 360° Video Streaming System
The On-Site 360° Video Streaming System developed by ITRI is a low latency panoramic live streaming solution. The system employs GPU-based parallel processing technology for video stitching and encoding. It transmits on-site panoramic streaming video with ultrahigh definition 4K images (60 fps) and ultra-low latency (less than 0.4 second) using automatic streaming technology.
Flexo Printing of UHF RFID Antennae
This technology can compensate for the drawbacks of the traditional etching process, such as generation of wastewater, and the fact that tags cannot be etched onto paper substrates.
OLED lighting is the fourth-generation lighting revolution technology following LED. This technology uses low-carbon intelligent production and monitoring as a niche entry point. ITRI collaborates with industry to build an R2R OLED lighting production line.