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Biomedical Technologies

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Soft Material Additive Manufacturing Technology
ITRI’s Soft Material Additive Manufacturing Technology uses a guided and adjustable temperature nozzle design to solve the problem of blocked nozzles caused by soft materials (such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane, TPU).
GMP Production Platform of Botanical New Drugs for Clinical/
ITRI’s GMP–certified pilot plant for botanical drugs and quality analysis laboratory were built to support domestic producers in botanical medicine development.
High Potency MSC Serum–Free Medium (SF1)
ITRI developed a high potency MSC serum–free medium that can be used in cell therapies to close the technology gap.
Portable Intelligent Rapid Molecular Diagnostic System
Differing from traditional systems using large heating modules, ITRI’s miniaturized portable molecular diagnostic system adopts an innovative design for mechanisms and temperature control to enable polymerase chain reactions.
Innovative Regulation Technology for Microalgae Growth
Microalgae culturing has great potential in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). With a fixation capacity of 1.8-2 kilograms of carbon per kilogram, microalgae are a good source for biofuel, along with a handful of high-value substances, such as astaxanthin.
Novel Collagen Scaffold–Based Biologics (Collabody)
Collabody™, a recombinant collagen peptide-scaffold and antibody fragment fusion technology developed by ITRI, embodies a special composite triplex structure that has three target-binding sites, in comparison with the two target-binding sites of the Y-shaped structure of conventional monoclonal antibodies.
SF1 hMSC Serum Free Medium
ITRI developed its own serumfree culture medium R&D platform to achieve a high proliferation rate of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) for cell therapy.
Anti-CD3 Collabody™: Protein Drug for Immune Disease Treatment
Collabody™ is a unique fusion protein design platform which utilizes a short triplex-forming collagen-like peptide (about 40 amino acids in length) as a scaffold protein binder for fusing with antibody fragments, hormones, cytokines, lymphokines, growth factors, lectins, enzymes, soluble receptor fragments and chemo agents.