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Technologies for Healthcare

ITRI’s iVision, an integration of quality indicators, multi-frame dynamic fusion technology, and DR classification of fundus images using AI, is used to perform fundus examinations for diabetic patients in rural areas. The patients’ fundus images are then uploaded to the cloud platform for ophthalmologists to review and provide telemedicine care.
Artificial Intelligence-Based Diabetics Fundus Image Decision Support
Artificial Intelligence-Based Diabetics Fundus Image Decision Support, based on the deep learning of physicians’ professional experience in reading diabetic retinopathy images, can identify the pathological changes of diabetic retinopathy from an automatic reading of the patient’s retinal fundus images.
Miniature Multi–Gas Sensor
ITRI developed a tiny multi–gas sensor with a miniature chip (0.9 x 0.9 x 0.4 mm3), ultra–low power consumption (pulsed power < 1 mW), and the ability to identify multiple gases (CO and VOCs).
ITRI has broken through the limits of traditional smart clothing, which only measures when in contact with the human body.
ITRI–Patch is a sensor platform featuring flexible substrates with screen–print technology, sensors, microprocessors, and Bluetooth transmitter chips.
Medical Glasses for Detecting Veins for Quick and Precise IV Placement
ITRI has developed a vein-locating device that is beneficial for infants with small veins, elderly people with more skinfolds, people with darker skin tones, or those with unobvious veins.
PM2.5 Portable Electrostatic Precipitator Air Purifier
The “PM2.5 portable electrostatic precipitator air purifier,” with inner and outer flow design and spiral electrode, can help protect us from harmful particles (<10 μm) that household air purifiers are unable to remove, such as viruses, germs, mold spores and dust-mite droppings.
Smart Health Chair
ITRI’s Smart Health Chair integrates the sensors for all important vital signs, and embeds them into the patient’s chair, thereby enhancing convenience for home use.
ITRI’s inspection technology can be operated with a single sensor by modulating a multispectral MEMS filter. Therefore, the spectrometer can be miniaturized to about one-tenth of the conventional size.
iStroke for Post Stroke Care Decision Support System
ITRI developed iStroke, a post-stroke care decision support system that helps to increase medical staff efficiency and reduce chances of error.