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Medical Devices

Intelligent Radio-Frequency Thermal Tumor Ablation System
The intelligent radio-frequency thermal ablation system for cancer tumors is the world’s first advanced medical system integrating minimally invasive surgery, ultrasound imaging, and control algorithms. The technology makes use of radio-frequency ablation, ultrasound image guidance, and digital algorithm software.
Image-Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System
ITRI has developed the Image-Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for lipolysis. This radiation-free system enables the visualization of subcutaneous fat thickness, using a high-intensity focused ultrasound probe to break down subcutaneous fat in a noninvasive way.
AM as a Service
This AM as a Service platform integrates a 3D scanning system, 3D solid modeling, structural analysis and process simulation, as well as both self-developed and commercial printing machines together.
3D Printing Cannulated Screws
A solid bone screw easily triggers rejection and prolongs recovery. To address this, ITRI developed a 3D Printing Cannulated Screw technology that relies on laser additive manufacturing (3D printing) to create customized bone screws.
Implantable Transparent Biomaterial
ITRI’s implantable transparent biomaterial is absorbable, highly transparent, and has a high water content.
Handheld Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology has become the new high–end imaging choice, as it is non–invasive, produces high–resolution real–time images, and does not release ionizing radiation.
Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot (2WA–EXO)
The current issues of walking assist exoskeleton robots are that they are heavy, inefficient, and hard to adapt. ITRI's exoskeleton robots contain a light-weight structure, highly efficient driving modules and adaptive gait control technologies with lower cost and better performance.
Endo-Surgery Direct View Display (ESDV)
ITRI developed the Endo-Surgery Direct View (ESDV), which is a display device that is connected to the endoscope and can be worn by the surgeon on the head.
Phase Contrast X-Ray Imaging
X-ray imaging techniques have been the fundamental technology for medical diagnostics and non-destructive testing in the medical industry.
Higher Sensitivity Tactile-Film System for Wearable Orthosis (HSTS)
Higher Sensitivity Tactile-film System for Wearable Orthosis (HSTS), a thin film sensor technology, interprets the wearer’s movements through physical contact between a wearable orthosis device and the wearer’s skin.