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Energy Conservation Technologies

Full Digital Magnetic Bearing Control
ITRI connects the up-, mid-, and downstream domestic mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic industries, making Taiwan the second in the world to independently produce technology and application products for AMB centrifugal water compressors and chillers. The research team received a National Industrial Innovation Award.
ITRI’s composite technology contributes to localizing the production of exterior panels for public transport systems and consequently breaks away from the previous reliance on imported high-end components.
Optimal Greenhouse Lighting System
In recent years, LED has gradually replaced traditional light sources since it is more energy efficient and durable, with lower heat loads, and is pollution free. It has been extensively used in greenhouse crop production. However, the designs of current greenhouse lighting systems have not been optimized. ITRI thus developed special light source technology to regulate the growing period of crops.
Business Development and Promotion of the External-Rotor BLDC Motor Driver Module
ITRI has integrated motor driver IC suppliers, and printed circuit board (PCB) and motor manufacturers, to provide a comprehensive solution that can be commercialized. It has also collaborated with the largest ceiling fan manufacturer in Taiwan to promote a new business model and to create new product sales channels. A demonstration line with an annual production capacity of 10,000 units has been constructed.
CUI Resistant Anti-Corrosion Coating System and Accelerated Testing Platform
ITRI develops CUI protective coatings that meet ISO 12944 CX with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Compared with off-the-shelf products, the content of solvents in these coatings is reduced by 50% and their anti-corrosion ability is 3–4 times better.
ITRI developed LED lighting technology and implemented the project of replacing all of Taiwan’s mercury vapor streetlights with LED lighting.
Additive Process for Fine–Line Circuit Fabrication
ITRI has developed “precursor–triggered transfer colloid”, “ultra–fast laser processing high aspect ratio gravure mold”, and “high-precision imprinting equipment” technologies.
Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System
In order to establish Industry 4.0 technology for LED epitaxy, the Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System (EOCS) applies a digitized parameter determination technology to the epitaxial process.
Virtual Platform for Vehicle Powertrain Systems and Technical Solutions for Vehicle Safety
ITRI has established a virtual development platform for vehicle powertrain systems. By integrating software simulation models, expert databases, and in-lab hybrid power dynamometers, the virtual platform replaces the conventional test process that requires a real vehicle, helping shorten the development time by up to 50%.