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Energy Conservation Technologies

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ITRI developed LED lighting technology and implemented the project of replacing all of Taiwan’s mercury vapor streetlights with LED lighting.
Additive Process for Fine–Line Circuit Fabrication
ITRI has developed “precursor–triggered transfer colloid”, “ultra–fast laser processing high aspect ratio gravure mold”, and “high-precision imprinting equipment” technologies.
Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System
In order to establish Industry 4.0 technology for LED epitaxy, the Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System (EOCS) applies a digitized parameter determination technology to the epitaxial process.
Virtual Platform for Vehicle Powertrain Systems and Technical Solutions for Vehicle Safety
ITRI has established a virtual development platform for vehicle powertrain systems. By integrating software simulation models, expert databases, and in-lab hybrid power dynamometers, the virtual platform replaces the conventional test process that requires a real vehicle, helping shorten the development time by up to 50%.
Responding to the government’s Mercury Vapor Street Lamp Replacement Project, ITRI has established Taiwan’s first and only Standard V&V Testing Field for LED streetlights on the West Coast Expressway (Provincial Highway #61).
FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology
A 2013 R&D 100 Awards winner, ITRI's FluxMerge™ is a technology used to improve the operating efficiency of electric machines such as motors and generators. It works on the principle of merging the magnetic flux across an air gap that separates the rotor and stator elements of the machine.
High-Efficiency Separation Technology of Chemical Industries: Design of a Fractionation Tower
The model has presented as a software for “Design” and “Rating” distillation columns, called “DR. Column”. With these tools, engineer can conduct efficiency diagnosis and debottleneck design of fractionation columns for various industries.
Eco-Freindly EV
To reduce air pollution in downtown areas, many metropolitan regions have been enforcing rules to limit the access of traditional engine-driven vehicles to the city centers.
Thermoelectric Green Car
We aim to recover the waste heat of cars and use it for power generation with the proactive thermoelectric material technology.
Light&Light™ - A19 LED Bulb Technology
The Light&Light™ A19 LED Bulb was developed as the world's first all-plastic and omnidirectional bulb delivering a 300 degree illumination angle. The advantages include being unbreakable, light-weight, high efficacy of 100lm/W, energy saving of 85% and cost efficiency that can fully replace traditional 60W incandescent lamps.