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Environment Technologies

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Fast Pyrolysis of Waste to Fuel Oil for Energy Utilization
The fast pyrolysis technology developed by ITRI combines a fluidized–bed reactor, cleaning unit (including de–char device, de–ash device, and de–wax device), and systemization technology, converting waste plastic and paper–reject into fuel oil for the replacement of fossil fuels used in package boilers.
Recyclable and High–Value Polyolefin Elastomer
ITRI has been devoted to the R&D of TPV technology, the control of TPV forms, and the verification of TPV physical properties.
ITRI applied the technologies of nanostructured fluorine–free water repellents, water–based self–stratifying coatings, and a water–based sol–gel process to produce weather–and abrasion–resistant multifunctional nano–coatings.
High–Efficiency Water Treatment System
To respond to issues regarding the development and application of water for industrial use, ITRI built a research, development, and promotion platform for a high–efficiency water treatment system.
Green Glass Adsorbent Nanotechnology
Discarded LCD monitors are a source of environmental pollution. To solve this problem, ITRI used recycled LCD glass to produce a green glass nanoporous adsorbent.
Emerging Bio-Based PEF Polyester Application
ITRI has developed Polyethylene 2,5–furanoate (PEF), a bio–based polyester with an excellent gas barrier property.
PolyE Membrane Technology
ITRI’s PolyE Membrane Technology improves upon conventional film-based water filters that are high in energy consumption, low in water output, and expensive to recover.
Nanotechnology for IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-Retaining Textile
ITRI developed a unique IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-retaining Textile Nanotechnology to boost the textile industry’s competitiveness.
Commercialization of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) De- NOx Technology
ITRI’s selective catalytic reduction de-NOx technology has undergone all necessary simulations and analytical research including lab dynamics analysis, pilot plant data integration, sintering plant catalytic reactor bed design, dynamic reactor design, reduced catalyst withdrawal analysis, and reaction gas flow distribution mechanism development.
ITRI has created the solution in the environmentally friendly carbon black-based wear-resistant elastomer. It works on the dispersed processing procedures for molten carbon black material and cooperates with the industry to develop an innovative core technology of thermal pyrolysis that is commercially viable.