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Environment Technologies

High-Value Eco-Material Processing Technology
Different from other drying and granulation techniques, ITRI’s technology can achieve energysaving and nutrient-retaining effects for related industries such as dairy cows, beef cattle and food processing, creating an agricultural recycling industry ecosystem and assisting operators to develop business opportunities in the feed and food markets. Such an operating model can be replicated in southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia to create international industrial benefits.
Gas Leakage Automatic Recognition Technology
This innovation enables automatic high-speed monitoring of large-area gas pipelines and chemical plants. Compared to the 50% accuracy of manual inspection using IR cameras, the detection rate of minor leaks in IR footage can be increased to 85%-97%.
Omniphobic Easy Clean Paints
ITRI has developed the Omniphobic Easy Clean Paints with water dispersible nano-brush hydrophobic particles. The material overcomes the compatibility and stability issues of hydrophobic substances in water to achieve the waterproof, dust-repellent, and antifouling characteristics.
he technology undergoes hydrogenation with a high conversion degree and decent selectivity under the conditions of relatively lower pressure, temperature, and hydrogen-to-oil ratio than what was previously required.
Functional Dyeing Synchronized with CO2 Supercritical Technology
ITRI has built an innovative open-type system platform for supercritical fluid dyeing to develop dyes in three primary colors for functional fabrics and flexible fiber fabrics.
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Regeneration Technologies
The Reinforced Asphalt Rejuvenating Agent (ARA) and the Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Regeneration Technologies can be used to solve the problems relating to the stacking and reuse of RAP.
LCD Waste Recycling System
ITRI developed a brand new, tonne-capacity zero-waste LCD waste recycling system, in which liquid crystal, indium, and glass can be removed from an LCD panel, purified, and reused.
Toy Safety Materials Testing
ITRI has cooperated with the largest toy bank in New Taipei City on establishing a fast screening platform, whereby the safety of recycled toys can be ensured, and children can play with them safely.
Fast Pyrolysis of Waste to Fuel Oil for Energy Utilization
The fast pyrolysis technology developed by ITRI combines a fluidized–bed reactor, cleaning unit (including de–char device, de–ash device, and de–wax device), and systemization technology, converting waste plastic and paper–reject into fuel oil for the replacement of fossil fuels used in package boilers.
Recyclable and High–Value Polyolefin Elastomer
ITRI has been devoted to the R&D of TPV technology, the control of TPV forms, and the verification of TPV physical properties.