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Energy Technologies

These technologies make beneficial contributions to car weight reduction, improved production precision, and shorter production cycles for the automotive industry.
ITRI provides a technical solution, Tunneling Oxide Passivated Contacts (TOPCon), to reduce cost and improve efficiency, with an efficiency of 23.53% having already been verified.
Lignocellulose Fractionation Technology
ITRI has developed innovative ionic solution hydrolysis technology which converts varied lignocellulosic feedstock into sugars under mild conditions.
Fluid Machinery Energy Service
System energy-saving service has created many new business opportunities. With the goal of shortening the processes in the international energy efficiency certification and enhancing industries’ export value and competitiveness, ITRI has been linking the supply chain in Fluid Industry (including automatic filtering material testing equipment, a Flow-Machine testing laboratory, and high-pressure blower testing equipment) to build a complete certification authority and testing field.
Key Modules for Electric Vehicle Charging
ITRI has spent nearly 10 years in developing key modules for electric vehicle charging and established a startup company, eTreego, a team that has extensive experience in the development of charging products and core components.
High Capacity Aluminum Battery
Aluminum batteries are highly safe, highly powered, and can be rapidly charged and discharged. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly and pollution-free and there is an abundant supply of their constituent materials. ITRI uses the intercalation and deposition of alkali metals on the surface of a graphite negative electrode along with a dual-graphite electrode to increase the discharge voltage of the battery from 2.0 V (as published in Nature) to 3.5 V.
ChemSEI-Linker is a nano-scale thin film that can uniformly cover the surface of cathode materials and aims to extend the cycle life of a lithium battery.
i–charging Module
ITRI developed an i–charging Module to enable domestic companies to produce charging stations.
Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum-ion Battery
The battery can complete a charging cycle in only 60 seconds. The battery consisting of an aluminum anode and a graphitic-foam cathode withstands more than 10,000 charge-discharge cycles without any capacity decay, showing advantages such as low cost, good safety, high flexibility, low flammability, rapid charging, and long durability.
Materials and Technology of the Hybrid Capacitor
A capacitor is one of the most important components in passive circuits. In the era of high-speed digital computations and emerging green industries, traditional liquid electrolyte capacitors no longer meet the requirements.