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2019 TAIROS Generic Dispatching System for a Variety of Guided Vehicle
ITRI Dispatching System is compatible with a variety of types of guided vehicles. It can improve flexibility to rearrange or expand layout frequently and removes the vehicle type restriction of automated factories. Furthermore, the system is easy to integrate with IT (e.g. MES, WMS), and provides part of connections with conveyors, elevators, and automated doors.
2019 TAIROS Intelligent Grinding Machine and Surface Defect Detection System
Coverage of metal grinding process and online defect detection are two crucial challenges in metal surface manufacturing. Our patented grinding cell equipped with online polished surface defect detection technology embodies an all-in-one manufacturing platform to tackle the grinding and polishing problems of complex shaped workpieces.
2019 TAIROS Human-like Robotic Hand
The bionic hand can make up for the inconvenience of the broken hand, and provide the actions required for daily life with more freedom. It can also be used as a robot end effector to improve the compatibility between the robot and human's hand tools.
2019 TAIROS Mobile Robotic Platform System
Our mobile arm robot is a smart platform. It combines mobility, perception, manipulation and human-robot interaction capabilities for some specific goals, and works in indoor environments, especially for ambient assisted living or light industry.
2019 TAIROS MARS - Mobile Arm Robot System
The Mobile Arm Robot System is a smart integration platform for service robots that integrates mobility, sensing, manipulation, and human-machine interaction. This robot can be used for service robot applications, living assistance, and light industry, and can act as an R&D platform for robotic service and technology verification.
2019 TAIROS High-Accuracy Performance of Robot with Smart Joints
A slim 6-axis robot arm, which uses 6 All-in-One Integrated Smart Joint modules, has a high payload-weight ratio while remaining compact and accurate. The joint module enables easy maintenance and can easily be adopted to construct a customized robot arm. The slim and light weight robot arm is a perfect choice for industrial and service robot applications.
2018 TPCA Show- Laser Induced Metallization for 3D integrated Circuits
LIM technology can fabricate metal structures on 3D substrates by innovative nano-catalysed solution. The nano-catalysed solution can coat on 3D substrates by spraying method. The LIM technology can apply to any substrates and the minimum line width is 30~50μm
2018 TPCA Show- Additive  Fine-Line Printing Technology
The self-development of a gravure offset printing technology and a copper reductive process was integrated to manufacture a patterned fine line, high-frequency antenna or multi-layer on a substrate surface. The Min. linewidth of copper fine line is around 3 µm and it own a high conductivity. This technology is possible to replace traditional photolithography process to manufacture the printed circuit board and high frequency antenna in a green and additive process.
2018 TAIROS Pollishing Robot 2.0 with Cyber-Physical System Technology
To achieve the goal of cyber-physical integration to solve labor shortage in the area of grinding and polishing manufacturing along with difficulties encountered in automation when faucets with complex shapes are taken into account, our robot grinding and polishing system imposes function of online programming to simplify teaching process by automatically generate the toolpaths and feedbacks with corrected paths by 3D vision system.
2018 TAIROS Precise Localization Technique of Free-Ranging Automated Guided Vehicle
The common usage of Automated Guided Vehicles is at the logistics and warehouse, however, the localization precision of Free-Ranging Automated Guided Vehicles is about ±15 mm currently. It still needs intervention from labors or robot manipulators to deliver material properly.