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2019/01 ITRI Shines at CES 2019 Unveiled in Las Vegas
ITRI’s Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration is an octocopter that can hover up to 45 minutes at 30 kg payload, which is over three times the endurance of a drone powered solely by lithium battery. This technology solves the problem of insufficient duration and payload for multi-rotor drones and can be applied to a variety of commercial uses.
2018/05 Drone Total Solutions with high payload and duration (Mechatronics system)
Infarstructure Surveillance & Inspection / Smart Agriculture / Emergency transport of emergency supplies
ITRI Startup Mechavision Inc.
Mechavision is a startup company from ITRI this in 2018. Mechavision are focusing in providing tactile sensing solutions for industrial robots.
2017/11 ITRI's CyberEpi
CyberEpi Serves as a Digital Twin of MOCVD Systems; Shortens R&D and Product Launch Cycles of LEDs, Solar Cells, Wireless Communications Devices, and High-Power Integrated Circuits
2017/11 ITRI's RoftSim
RoftSIM is ITRI’s effort in improving the efficiency of traditional induction motors. It possesses the ability to switch from an asynchronous mode to a synchronous mode and can operate at an IE5+ class efficiency without overly sacrificing the original beneficial characteristics of an induction motor.
2017/11 CINmat for Semiconductor Low Temperature Annealing
CINmat is able to use 2.45 GHz microwave sources to finish sub-7 nm FEOL semiconductor annealing process.The studies have shown that the 2.45 GHz microwave source has lower cost, higher efficiency, and longer lifetime than the commercial 5.8 GHz microwave annealing technique.
2017/05 Taiwanese Delegation at Shadow Robot’s Production Facility
It was a great day with the ITRI, rounded off with afternoon tea (what’s more British than tea and scones?). The trip was arranged by the British Office in Taiwan, and we extend our thanks to the team for their help. Also, our thanks to Dr Chang for his presentation, and also to Cindy Hsu for her outstanding help and support with the scheduling.
2016/11 ITRI Receives Five 2016 R&D 100 Awards
ITRI received five 2016 R&D 100 Awards on November 3 in Oxon Hill, Maryland (Washington DC). ITRI’s technologies were selected as winners for innovation in the IT/Electrical, Mechanical Devices/Materials, and Software/Services categories.