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Intelligent Machines and Robots
The Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories has been developing 3 series of industrial robot, which includes 7 prototypes—five in A-type, one in SCARA-type, and one in Delta-type; and three prototypes of automated guided vehicle(AGV) with payloads of 100kg, 200kg, and 1,200kg respectively. So far, MMSL has enhanced the local content rate of domestic robot to 80%, and that of AGV to 95%.
Advanced Green Manufacturing Machinery
Chemical Vapor Deposition / Plasma Coating
Intelligent Mechatronic System
Servo motor and driver technologies / Fully-digital smart motor modules / Cyber-physical systems for multi-axis optical actuators / IOT-ready mechatronic modules / intelligent motion control platform technology / (IE4以上):High-efficiency industrial motor technology( >IE4) / luxMerge® slim motor technology / Mechatronic modules for high-static-pressure blowers
Intelligent Mobility
Vehice Powertrain Haredware-in-the-oop Test / Vehice Propusion Contro Technoogy / Propusion System Test by Rea-time Dynamic oad Emuation / Vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance System / Hybrid transmission systems design and verification / Vehice Sub-System/Component Reiabiity Test / Vehice System Mode-based Design and Virtua Integration / Deveopment of Vehice Patform andFied/Road Test / Heavy-duty vehicle chassis design technologies / Automotive Fuel Economy and Emissions Inspection and Testing Technologies