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Electronic Ticket Package Platform for Tourism Services

Electronic Ticket Package Platform is an inter-industry service solution for smart tourism. In the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, an innovative service model integrates low-carbon vehicles with an intelligent transportation management system, an electronic ticket system, and local SME businesses. The Platform addresses issues such as real-time cross-domain information exchange, service delivering, and payment mechanisms in an open electronic business environment. It provides an integrated monetary service across different service providers, including billing, ticketing, personalized itineraries, and payment distribution. This solution can speed up the internationalization of the tourism supply chain and has won the Gold Award under the Smart Transport category of the 2015 APEC Energy Smart Communities Initiative (ESCI). It has also been chosen as the collaboration basis for a new strategic project: the Formosa Mobile Smart Tourism Project, deployed in 14 counties and cities islandwide. To accelerate the commercialization of this platform, a new spinoff company was launched in 2015.

Electronic Ticket Package Platform for Tourism Services.
Electronic Ticket Package Platform for Tourism Services.