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Production of Collabody™

Collabody™, a recombinant collagen peptide-scaffold and antibody fragment fusion technology developed by ITRI, embodies a special composite triplex structure that has three target-binding sites, in comparison with the two target-binding sites of the Y-shaped structure of conventional monoclonal antibodies. The multimeric binding nature of Collabody™ results in increased overall target binding strength, slow dissociation rate, and enhanced cross-linking effect, which can prolong modulation of the ligands and facilitate biological potency. Collabody™ is especially feasible for making bispecific antibodies by fusion of two different antibody fragments with the collagen peptide-scaffold at either end. This allows for the creation of a new antibody drug type. It functions like a guided missile and avoids triggering immunological responses in the body. Based on this precise drug delivery, Collabody™ is expected to provide an effective treatment in, for example, colon cancer with KRAS mutation.