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Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System

In order to establish Industry 4.0 technology for LED epitaxy, the Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System (EOCS) applies a digitized parameter determination technology to the epitaxial process. Unlike manual methods, EOCS can insert experimental data and optimized results from simulation analysis of process parameters into a big data platform to rapidly find optimum parameters. The required control time can be significantly shortened. EOCS combines the simulation of gas flow, heat flow, and chemical reactions with a cyber-physical system and uses big data analysis to optimize the prediction results. EOCS can increase epitaxy productivity and provide accurate prediction of film deposition rate and thickness uniformity. With the advantage of rapid and flexible operation, not only can EOCS shorten the time to market, it can also reduce R&D costs, offering an advantage in developing the next-generation large-size GaN/Si optoelectronic components and new deep UV LED components. This bridges the gaps in the supply chain for key modules in the global front-end epitaxial equipment industry. Furthermore, it can be extended to more complex thin-film epitaxy processes.

Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System.
Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System.