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Thermoelectric Material and Module Technology (TEMM)

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Thermoelectric Material and Module Technology (TEMM)

Thermoelectric Material and Module Technology (TEMM)Thermoelectric Material and Module Technology (TEMM)

Its patented bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric nano-composite is developed using a rapid solidification process, with its figure of merit (ZT~1.57) reaching a world class level. The material is further assembled to form a thermoelectric generator (TEG) module, in which a high temperature metal is used to make complex electrodes and intermetallic bonding layers.

The highly reliable and heat resistant module is sustainable even when the working temperature exceeds 450°C. The TEMM technology is applicable for waste industrial heat recycling at a temperature difference ranging from 100-300°C. Under a temperature difference of 200°C, the conversion efficiency of the TEG module can reach up to 6%, which is about a 30% performance improvement over conventional ones. Compact and easy-activated, the module is implementable in all conditions and suitable for recycling not only large waste heat sources but also smaller ones. This innovation earned the R&D 100 Award in 2012.

ITRI's TEMM Technology can generate electricity by means of temperature difference without any intermediate or motional parts


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