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Lignoxy™, Lignin-based Polymer Technology

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Lignoxy™, Lignin-based Polymer Technology

Lignoxy™ is considered suitable for food-related utensils by creating a good protective coating on a metallic material with a proper hardness, good adhesion, acid/alkali resistant, boiling-water resistant and chemical-resistant. Lignoxy™ coating has passed the SGS Taiwan accreditation and complies with Taiwan’s FDA regulation about controlled substances. It also passed the inspection standard for food container and packaging and is free of bisphenol A, heavy metals and other hazardous residues. The derivatives of this technology will be applied to the development of food utensils, and construction and textile biomass products in cooperation with industry partners.

Lignoxy™ is bisphenol A-free and suitable for food-related utensils
Lignoxy™ is bisphenol A-free and suitable for food-related utensils
The development of lignin-based polymer is intended to initiate the replacement of some petroleum-based plastics, which have been considered harmful to our health and the environment.


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