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Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System


Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System

Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System.Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System.

Technology Overview

Entering the era of Productivity 4.0, the agriculture industry faces a need to transform from the traditional production-oriented method to a new value chain-oriented approach. Information and communications technologies should be employed to create high-value markets and maintain international competitiveness. ITRI’s greenhouse monitoring and control system implements sensor monitoring of environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, illumination, and wind speed. Greenhouse conditions for crop culturing can therefore be optimized via real-time analysis and control of factors such as shade and water.

Applications & Benefits

This technology has been field tested and verified in greenhouse cultures of strawberries. The system is highly customizable and features low operating costs, easy operation, and remote control capability. It can assist farmers in automating their crop production management and improving the quality of produce.