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FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology


FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology

Molded stator core with FluxMerge™Molded stator core with FluxMerge™

A 2013 R&D 100 Awards winner, ITRI's FluxMerge™ is a technology used to improve the operating efficiency of electric machines such as motors and generators. It works on the principle of merging the magnetic flux across an air gap that separates the rotor and stator elements of the machine.

Flux merging refers to an increase in magnetic force interacting between the rotor and stator. Merging also implies reduced flux leakage. In either case, the machine efficiency enjoys an average improvement of 1.5 %.

When deployed in most motors, for example, in Taiwan, this efficiency improvement translates into some 1 billion kW-h of electricity conservation. Because motors are ubiquitous-in the home, office, or factory-FluxMerge™ has the potential to make a significant impact on carbon reduction.

FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology


Dr. Steiphan Peng



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