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High Safety Lithium Ion Battery – With STOBA™ Inside


High Safety Lithium Ion Battery – With STOBA™ Inside

STOBA™ is ITRI’s proprietary battery safety material. Li-ion battery system embedded with STOBA™ provides multi-protective mechanism and enhances the performance for electronic devices.

In addition to inhibiting the thermal runaway effectively, it also inhibits the effectiveness against self-discharge induced by minor short circuits. The STOBA™-inside battery is superior to other high-safety batteries, which already passes stringent nail test and can lower heat generation from battery material tremendously. This unique technology is safe with superior electronics properties and is suitable for slightly curved miniature devices.

In 2009, the STOBA™ technology was granted the R&D 100 Awards, known as the “Oscars of Innovation” . It also earned an Excellence Technology Contribution Award from the Executive Yuan in 2010.

ITRI's proprietary high safety Li-ion battery technology.


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