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Handheld Food Inspection Technology


Handheld Food Inspection Technology

Introduction to Technology

ITRI developed integrated ultraviolet and near-infrared spectrum miniaturized detection technology, detecting pesticide residues by specific absorption spectroscopy for qualitative detection and quantitative detection of pesticide residue concentrations applications, which can be detected for the wide use of pesticides, such as: Carbendazim and Azoxystrobin…The detection limit of this system can down to 0.75ppm.


Integration of multi-wavelength optical detection technology with a novel patentability micro tunable spectral scanning technology and materials process integration technology. This system can detect chemical residues by near infrared absorption spectrum mapping and shrink the system size into handheld device.


● Mobile phone accessories  
● Quick scanning with a button within 30 seconds
● Size:10cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm
● More than 50 times detection within single battery charge
● Detection limit down to 0.75ppm for Carbendazim residues detection (Rank 1st in TW)

Application Field

Pesticide residues detection、Personal Eating health self-controlling、Environment monitoring、Smart agriculture real-time detection.
Handheld residue composite analysis technology for food