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Jen-Chieh Cheng

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Jen-Chieh Cheng

Jen-Chieh Cheng

General Director
Service Systems Technology Center


  • EMBA, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2009)
  • M.S., Information and Electronic Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan (1991)


  • Deputy General Director, Information and Communications Research Laboratories (2017.04-Present)
  • Executive Director, Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. (2014.06-Present)
  • Project Leader, Research Program of Industrial Infrastructure Technology in Electronics, Electrical, and Software Fields, Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA (2018.01-Present)
  • Deputy General Director, Computational Intelligence Technology Center, ITRI (2013.05-2017.03)
  • Chief Technology Officer, Information Field, Information and Communications Research Laboratories, ITRI (2012.05-2013.05)
  • Director, Chinese Cryptology and Information Security Association (2003.06-2006.06)
  • Project Leader, Big Data Policy Promotion Research Program, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan (2015.06-2016.12)
  • Project Leader, Big Data Innovations & Smart Living Applications (2014.01-2017.03)
  • Project Leader, Mobile Living Systems and Technology Development, Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA (2006.01-2012.05)
  • Project Leader, Smart Living Applications Promotion Project, Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (2010.07-2013.12)
  • Project Leader, M-Taiwan Applications Promotion Project, Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (2005.01-2010.12)
  • ITRI Representative, Advisory Committee, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


  • Value Pioneer Award (2011, 2012)
  • Outstanding Engineer Award, Taiwan (2008) 
  • Special Project Outstanding Achievement Award, MOEA (2004)
  • Outstanding I.T. Elite Award, Taiwan (2001)