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Open Lab & Incubator

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Open Lab & Incubator

Open Lab

Open Lab and IncubatorOpen Lab and Incubator

ITRI's Open Lab was established in 1996 and has served over 350 companies since. More than 10,000 people have become ITRI residents through Open Lab/Incubator projects. Currently, we have 68 tenant companies with 1,100 people as a part of the ITRI Open Lab project. ITRI has fostered the development of more than 198 startups with an accumulated paid-in capital of more than NT$63.4 billion.

Among these new enterprises, 48 entered Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan after graduating and 21 filed for IPOs. We possess abundant R&D assets and strengths as well as venture capital resources, which are able to support the development of telecommunications technology, electro-optical technology, precision machinery, IC design, chemical materials, medical instrumentation, green energy, and biotechnology. These capabilities are the result of the firm synergy between ITRI’s R&D centers and laboratories.

Outstanding Performance

  • High occupancy rate: From 79%(2009) to 98%(2013) and remained higher than 90% for 3 years (2011-2015)
  • Accumulated invested capital of incubated firms: US$2.14 billion.
  • Accumulated number of jobs created: more than 20,000
  • IPO rate of incubates : 10%.
  • Number of incubation graduates that gained approval to set up at the Science Park: 48
  • Fundraising: $40 million Fund Raising in 2015 by TechVenture Capital Acceleration Program
  • Excellent acquired investment: Qualcomm bought Pixtronix Co. for US$170 million and anti-virus company Kaspersky-Titan invested US$1 million in Arc Corp.


Incubation Center in Hsinchu (Head Office)
ITRI’s Incubation Center in Hsinchu is the first incubator founded in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1996, the center has taken on the mission of offering assistance to high-tech startups. In August 2013, ITRI's Incubation Center obtained certifications from NBIA softlanding and EBN BIC. In October 2013, Taiwan’s GreTai Securities Market, an over-the-counter trading mechanism for emerging stocks, certified ITRI’s Incubation Center as the only one of its kind qualified to help technology firms with IPO processing.

In 2014, we built the TechVenture Club and launched the TechVenture Capital Acceleration Program.
If you want to speed up your business venture
If you are looking for a high-growth investment opportunities
If you are seeking solutions to upgrade existing businesses
You are welcome to join the ITRI TechVenture Club!

Head Office (Hsinchu) Contact Information
Mr. Thomas Chang
Manager of Incubation Center, Commercialization and Industrial Service Center
Tel: +886 3 5912614
Mobile: +886 35912614

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