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ITRI International Center

ITRI International Center serves as the primary contact point for international organizations which intend to approach ITRI for exchange or collaboration activities. Concurrently, the Center assumes the responsibility of developing collaboration opportunities with international partners for ITRI.

Over the years, with concerted efforts of the Center and four overseas offices, ITRI has made significant progress in establishing a network of international partners for advanced technology development. The four overseas offices are located at San Jose, CA of USA, Tokyo of Japan, Berlin of Germany, and Eindhoven of The Netherlands. In 2013, ITRI had inked 159 collaborative research projects with world renowned research institutes and multinational companies, the majority of which are from the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

Number of Collaboration Contracts Signed in 2013
Number of Collaboration Contracts Signed in 2013


As the international contact window for ITRI, the Center actively assists foreign organizations to disseminate their needs and to identify potential candidates for collaborative research and development among ITRI’s research laboratories or technology centers. In the meantime, the Center may also help to connect international companies to Taiwan’s industries for business development purposes.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, the Center extends its role to promote international collaboration on technology and business development by assisting MOEA’s Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) and Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) to network with foreign government’s representatives in Taiwan and major international companies.

ITRI International Center