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Innovations & Applications

An important developmental strategy for ITRI is to launch an innovation system that creates new value. ITRI employs key enabling technologies in tandem with its partners to establish an Open Innovation System Platform. This leads to the development of intelligent systems which drive the integration of hardware and software. To expand the impact on society and to the benefit of industry, ITRI applies its R&D achievements into three domains: Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment. With the hope that these technologies will lead to even more innovations and applications, ITRI assists in industrial transformation and upgrading, while enhancing Taiwan’s international competitiveness.

ITRI Headquarters Campus.
ITRI Headquarters Campus.

Smart Living applications include the integration of communication transmission, big data, optoelectronic semiconductor smart lighting, and high-end machine tool technologies. To facilitate the development of smart living-related industries, ITRI continues to hone its expertise in key technologies used in drones, 5G wireless systems, and OLED lighting.

Quality Health applications aim to provide innovative healthcare service solutions and develop high value-added combination medical devices, personalized medical devices, imagery-guided diagnosis and treatment systems, and telecare. These applications integrate ICT technology and the clinical trial systems in hospitals. Thus, supporting the development of high-value biomedical and medical device industries.

Sustainable Environment are made through fostering green tech industries ranging from materials and manufacturing processes to applications. These efforts will assist in the expansion of industries focusing on biomaterial products and innovative green products, such as the ultrafast rechargeable aluminum battery and water treatment technologies and platforms.