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Services Offered to Regional BusinessesServices Offered to Regional Businesses

Services Offered to Regional Businesses

In order to facilitate the formation of regional business clusters, ITRI’s regional offices in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan work with their respective regional industry associations and alliances to provide assistance to association members. The goal is to enhance and amplify regional industrial specialties through the nurturing and growth of these clusters. Regional businesses, governments, and academic institutions linked together by ITRI can work toward the mutual goal of maximizing local business opportunities.

In addition to helping shape localized industrial clusters, ITRI also operates under government directives to provide designated services to local small and medium-sized businesses, with a special emphasis on assisting in technology upgrades and business transformations. Measures and instruments such as SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) projects are within ITRI’s scope for implementing effective assistance to local businesses. A few examples of such efforts include the Taiwan Tilapia Produce Alliance in Keelong, the Ceramic and Brick Kiln Product Colorization and Environment Protection Upgrade Project in Changhua, and the Glasses and Eyewear Industrial Alliance in Tainan.

Incubation of Innovation Start-upsIncubation of Innovation Start-ups

Incubation of Innovation Start-ups

ITRI seeks to commercialize the fruits of its magnificent research and development efforts. To do so, ITRI has implemented several support measures that focus on producing the elements needed to commercialize innovation. ITRI acts as the "accelerator" for industries while promoting the TechVenture Club. This includes providing a matching platform with the right facilitation mechanism to lure innovators and investors together. ITRI assists the innovators with the drafting of business plans. This facilitation led to the successful development of nine start-up businesses in 2013.

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