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  • Non-wearable Life Monitoring Technology for Bed
    Non-wearable Life Monitoring Technology for Bed

    The non-wearable heart beat rate detection monitor is provided with the subjective capacitor sensing technology combined with the firmware signal processing technology to integrate firmware intelligence with recognition technologies to identify lying situations under users’ clothes.

  • Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology
    Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology

    Our services pertaining to the said technology include the development and certification of a specialized powder, light and special structural design, featured product development, and pilot-run of metal additive manufacturing products.

  • High Speed Laser Cutting Optics Engine
    High Speed Laser Cutting Optics Engine

    The engine implements a synchronized pre-heating and annealing procedure to increase the cutting speed by up to 30%, which is accompanied by savings of working gas costs of up to 50%.


ITRI Southern Region Campus

ITRI Southern Region CampusITRI Southern Region Campus

The mission of ITRI Southern Region Campus is to work in tandem with ITRI’s Hsinchu headquarters to develop innovative technology and services with regional industrial need in particular. It also complements government policies in developing regional-based new industries and revamping the exist ones.

ITRI Southern Region Campus is situated next to the Wushantou Reservoir. The campus stresses an open and collaborative environment which fosters innovation and interaction.

ITRI Southern Region Campus focuses on three core technologies and set its sights on becoming a world-class R&D center for state-of-the-art technology. Close cooperation is initiated with the regional industries and academic sectors. R&D teams were formed and stationed at the Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Park of MOEA at An-Nan Industrial Park to foster new business.