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  • Medical Device and Diagnostics
    Medical Device and Diagnostics

    Electronic, optoelectronic and information technologies are integrated with biotechnologies as molecular biology and biochemistry with a view to developing distributed medical electronics and imaging devices.

  • Combination Device and Orthopedic
    Combination Device and Orthopedic

    The Lab has introduced a series of innovative bioactive combination devices and products to enhance tissue regeneration and repair.

  • Targeted Drug Development
    Targeted Drug Development

    An antibody new drug is developed based on the Lab’s proprietary platform technology.


Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories


Bring About a Future of Health and Happiness

The output value of the biomedical and medical device industry, which ranks high on the Taiwanese government’s list of priorities, has enjoyed double-digit growth in recent years. In keeping with the government initiative, ITRI has made itself an institute that warrants heavier emphasis in R&D than others.

Preventive medicine is taking center stage in the modern world as people are becoming increasingly vulnerable to chronic and lifestyle diseases. With that in mind, ITRI’s Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories invests profusely in R&D on all fronts—from prevention, diagnosis, pharmaceuticals and surgical techniques to medical devices and healthcare. These endeavors have been duly rewarded as the Lab has evolved into a dynamic driving force behind related industries in Taiwan.


To become a premier global hub for the research and development of innovation-based biomedical technology and medical devices.


To integrate cross-sector science and technologies to foster high value-added biomedical and medical device industries.

Human Resources

Nearly 90% of the Lab’s scientists and staff members hold master’s or higher degrees, with more than 100 of them being Ph.D.’s. This high-caliber team, with members specializing in such fields as medicine, biochemistry, materials, medical engineering and information technology, has scored a good number of major breakthroughs and won the National Invention and Creation Award.