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International Cooperation

By working with the most authoritative academic institutions and leading high-tech and pharmaceutical companies around the world, the Lab positions itself as a platform for Taiwan to engage in cross-border technological interchange on the said fronts. In addition to gaining access to state-of-the-art technologies through collaborative R&D projects, it is well-positioned to undertake technology transfer to overseas partners and provide other international services. To date, the Lab has teamed up with such renowned academic institutions and companies as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Industrial Research Ltd. of New Zealand, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization of Australia, to-BBB of the Netherlands , Exactech Inc. of the U.S., GlaxoSmithKline Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis.

Industry Services

Given its access to cutting-edge technologies, the Lab is well-positioned to provide technology transfer and licensing and other industry services. In their turn, companies can share in the research fruits while saving substantially on expenses that they would have had to take on to develop the relevant technologies on their own. With its ISO 13485 certification, the Lab is fully capable of providing rapid prototyping services for medical devices. In addition to singling out promising projects, it is also set to offer integrated information on marketability, quality, patents, regulation affairs, testing, etc. The Lab’s drafting of a well-rounded R&D roadmap for various new products is often rewarded with the shortest possible time to market. The Lab would like to extend a hearty welcome to domestic and overseas businesses to file their applications for technology transfer or licensing, prototyping, or other industry services.

Industry Alliances

When it comes to forming alliances, the Lab joins Taiwan’s entire spectrum of biomedical and medical device ventures to maximize the synergies therein for all to share. To date, alliances have been formed to facilitate collaborations on the development of point-of-care technologies, BMP2 products, liver and kidney biomarkers, instruments for minimally invasive surgery, clinical applications of biotechnology chips, and GMP for cosmetics.

Core Laboratories

With labs that focus on medical electronics, diagnostics, cells and bone substitutes, the Lab is equipped with production lines that engage in pilot production of biomedical materials, cell therapy products, and new chemical entity (NCE) / active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and related formulations.

cGMP Certificated Facilities cGMP Certificated Facilities
cGMP Certificated Facilities


Our laboratories include

  • Optical, Mechanical and Electronic System Integration / Analog Engineering Lab
  • Mechanical Supporting Lab
  • Digital Engineering and System Integration Lab
  • Biomedical Nanotechnology Lab. / Sensing Chip Lab
  • Biomaterial Lab
  • Biomedical Imaging Lab
  • Optical System Integration Lab
  • Biocompatible Process Lab
  • HTP Specimen Storage and Processing Center
  • Medical Device GMP Plant
  • GTP Lab
  • Pharmaceutical cGMP Pilot Plants
  • Laboratory of Cosmetics Microbial Test and Functional Evaluation