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Vision & Business Strategies



  • Building up a unique technology innovation platform to pursue technology breakthroughs in order to become an industrial technology innovation pool by linking academia and industries with a central scheme of an open collaboration concept.
  • Establishing a pivot position of materials and chemical technologies in a distributed technology innovation system to become a world classtechnology R&D institute. 

Development and Business Strategies

The Material and Chemical Research Laboratories act as the fundamental materials research platform for ITRI’s other departments. Through the guidance of a technology roadmap and an enabling technology innovation platform, the strategies carried out by a multidisciplinary scheme will lead to a world pioneering innovative R&D platform. The Lab put a lot of resources into materials and specialty chemicals research along with the joint effort of world class academia and strong ties with industries to meet the industry needs as well as consolidate its value chain. An appropriate business model will be chosen in conjunction with the material enabling technology platform to nurture spin-off companies, and create a sustainable world class industries innovative structure and entrepreneurship system.