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  • Drone Total Solutions with high payload and duration
    Drone Total Solutions with high payload and duration

    ITRI’s Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration is an octacopter that can last up to 45 minutes of hovering time at 30 kg payload. With high payload, the drone can even carry granular fertilizers, proving its capabilities to perform as an advanced agricultural drone for plant protection.

  • The Rotor Flux Tailoring Syncing Induction Motor (RoftSIM)
    The Rotor Flux Tailoring Syncing Induction Motor (RoftSIM)

    RoftSIM is ITRI’s effort in improving the efficiency of traditional induction motors. It possesses the ability to switch from an asynchronous mode to a synchronous mode and can operate at an IE5+ class efficiency without overly sacrificing the original beneficial characteristics of an induction motor.

  • CINmat for Semiconductor Low Temperature Annealing
    CINmat for Semiconductor Low Temperature Annealing

    CINmat is able to use 2.45 GHz microwave sources to finish sub-7 nm FEOL semiconductor annealing process.The studies have shown that the 2.45 GHz microwave source has lower cost, higher efficiency, and longer lifetime than the commercial 5.8 GHz microwave annealing technique.

  • Intelligent robots technology platform
    Intelligent robots technology platform

    Back in 1983, ITRI developed Taiwan’s first industrial robot. Today, after more than 3 decades, it has accumulated solid R&D capability in response to the continued sophistication of industrial trends and development.In the current stage, robot R&D focuses on 3 primary core areas

  • Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot
    Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot

    ITRI develops an exoskeleton robot to assist in the realization of less stressful mobility for SCI patients. With the help of the physical therapists, SCI patients can quickly learn to use the exoskeleton robot to stand up and walk independently.

  • ITRI's Virtual Vehicle Technology
    ITRI's Virtual Vehicle Technology

    In this video, audience can view several technologies, such as electric motors, the virtual vehicle laboratory, driving safety systems, and power units. We hope this vehicle platform can integrate ITRI’s smart technologies.

  • CyberEpi

    A software suite for the optimization of epitaxy manufacturing process and equipment, is an alternative to the traditional manual operation. Users can observe the heat flow field of the epitaxy growth with laser dynamic photography.

  • FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology
    FluxMerge™: Slim Motor Technology

    ITRI’s FluxMerge™ is a technology used to improve the operating efficiency of electric machines such as motors and generators. It has the potential to make a significant impact on carbon reduction.

  • ITRI Startup Mechavision Inc.
    ITRI Startup Mechavision Inc.

    Mechavision is a startup company from ITRI this in 2018. Mechavision are focusing in providing tactile sensing solutions for industrial robots. Mechavision’s contact skin is very sensitive and has high safety. For example, just only a gentle touch, it can stop the robot immediately.

  • Printed Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Technology
    Printed Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Technology

    ITRI is developing a precision printing technology that produces metal mesh structures that have inherently good conductivity via direct printing on the surface of a substrate. ITRI’s metal mesh provides a benefit of 50 % cost reduction compared to conventional ITO.


Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories

Establishment And Milestones

Mechanical & Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories has been pursuing core technologies of intelligence, miniaturization and green energy for many years. From intelligent robot and automation systems, thin film design & manufacturing, intelligent mechatronics to advanced vehicles, all of the developed technologies have reached a commendable level of sophistication, based upon which MMSL will continue to move forward.


Development And Progression

 Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories links with the world by innovative and advanced technologies. Our breakthroughs have been highly recognized in the international arena, and help to create variety of technologies and products.


Innovation And Creativity

 Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories masters core technology platforms, and takes the lead in related industries with projects based on foresight. Through cooperation among industry, academia and international communities, we have developed innovative and advanced technologies, and encourage our staff to establish innovation-oriented startups, thereby promoting the spirit of mechanics.

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