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  • Wireless Mobile 3D Scanner (mScan)
    Wireless Mobile 3D Scanner (mScan)

    ITRI mScan is a wireless mobile 3D scanner designed for smart devices. It integrates infrared depth and color image sensing into a single compact module. Once the user installs the app to their Android device or Windows computer, 3D scanning can be activated through wireless communication.

  • Interactive Projection Module (iNTERPLAY)
    Interactive Projection Module (iNTERPLAY)

    ITRI Portable Interactive Projection Module integrates advanced 3D depth sensing and gesture recognition technologies into a single module.

  • Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab
    Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab

    The pilot lab is a roll-to-roll R&D platform that it has advanced production systems such as fine-line printing, ultra-thin touch panel, large-area pressure sensor, OLED lighting, and a metal-mash.

  • Power Module Testing Lab
    Power Module Testing Lab

    ITRI unveils Asia’s first internationally certified testing platform with a variety of power electronics solutions from design and manufacturing to testing, including module prototyping and application, integrated design, processing technology, testing and certification services, and facilities development.

  • LED Ergonomic Lighting Lab
    LED Ergonomic Lighting Lab

    The Lab combines ergonomics with modern lighting technologies to develop superior lighting solutions and create more comfortable living environments. ITRI offers a platform for Taiwan’s LED industry where LED innovations can be developed here for providing environmentally friendly and user-friendly products.


Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories

In the past 40 years, the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories undertakes the missions for the researches and developments of Semiconductor, Packaging, LED/OLED/Micro LED, Telecommunications, Flexible Electronics, 3D Imaging, Flexible Display and Transparent Display Application System technologies.

ITRI provides a welcoming work environment that stimulates the full potential of ITRI’s members, allowing them to excel and to perform their best in application-oriented researches. We fully cultivate the capability of independent innovation through participating in international cooperation and academic programs. These collaborative activities are pursued so as to aid in the success of technological incubation and entrepreneur start-ups. We strive to strengthen the technological innovation and value creation ability for Taiwan’s industry in order to remain the competitiveness globally.