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  • FPD Testing Laboratory
    FPD Testing Laboratory

    FPD Testing Laboratory is certified by TAF for its testing capability on flexible displays, surface TVs, and electronic paper products.

  • NPNS-based Blood Pressure Measurement Bracelet
    NPNS-based Blood Pressure Measurement Bracelet

    NPNS-based Sensing Technology - A Non-contact Innovation for Healthcare and Home Life.

  • AC Power Measurement System
    AC Power Measurement System

    New Primary Standards of Single Three-phase AC Power Measurement System support Precision Measurement in Electricity and Calibration of Electricity Meters.


Center for Measurement Standards

“Metrology for Quality, Standards for Harmonization” is the Center for Measurement Standards’ motto. The basic mission of the Center from the beginning has been to establish and maintain the national measurement standards. Based on the experiences and capabilities accumulated over the years with the primary standards conforming to the world’s, the Center keeps on doing R&D on instrumentation and sensing, smart sensing, medical device evaluation, and energy and environment metrology.  The core technologies of those fields are developed to help the industry win in the international market competition with advanced technology and quality assurance.