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2018.01 Launched the fourth new venture, INNOVATIVE NANOTECH INC.
2017.09 Launched the third new venture, FlowVIEW Tek
2013.07 Led the formation of the AMOLED Inspection Equipment Alliance
2010.01 Joined CIE as an Associate National Committee
2008.05 Joined the VAMAS for joint cooperation in the development of measurement techniques, reference materials on research into advanced materials and standards
2006.05 Established the second new venture, New Product Developing Department of the Carmar Technology Co., Ltd.
2005.07 Launched the first new venture, Measurement Technology Co. Ltd.
2004.03 Led the formation of the AOI Equipment Association (AOIEA)
2004.01 The CNLA scheme was merged into Taiwan Accreditation Foundation with the CNAB as the designated organization for accreditation
2003.10 Accredited by the US FDA as a Medical Device QSR Inspection Accredited Person under MDUFMA
2002.06 “Chinese Taipei” was accepted as an Associate to CGPM and ITRI signed the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement
1999.01 Recognized by US FDA as one of the Accredited Persons for 510(k) review under the FDA Modernization Act
1995.06 Obtained the ISO 9001 certificate
1992.10 Joined the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP)
1991.02 Signed the first international agreement of “Mutual Recognition of National Measuring Standards Agreement” with CSIR/South Africa
1987.05 Started to provide service to domestic industry with the completion of National Measurement Laboratory, R.O.C.
1985.08 Officially named as “Center for Measurement Standards” in ITRI
1984.05 The Metrological Testing and Calibration Center was established in ITRI to implement the project entrusted by MOEA