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  • Foldable On-cell Touch AMOLED

    Foldable On-cell Touch AMOLED

    ITRI has developed a foldable on-cell touch AMOLED based on its FlexUP™ technology with high flexibility, lightweight and thin characteristics which make it superior over conventional glass display.

  • Rollable AMOLED Technology

    Rollable AMOLED Technology

    ITRI has developed a rollable AMOLED based on its FlexUP™ technology. The rollable feature of the display allows it be laid flat on a table or hung on a wall for better visual performance while stays compact and portable when rolled. This rollable AMOLED display can be used to enhance user interface and develop remarkable novel application.

  • Scratch-Resistant Plastic Window for Foldable AMOLED

    Scratch-Resistant Plastic Window for Foldable AMOLED

    The ultra-thin plastic window comprises high mechanical strength polyimide substrate and high flexibility hard coating at a total thickness under 50μm. This scratch and impact-resistant plastic window can be integrated with Foldable AMOLED and achieve the mechanical properties required by foldable displays.

  • Functional Front Plate with High Ambient Contrast Ratio

    Functional Front Plate with High Ambient Contrast Ratio

    In response to the required optical characteristics of foldable display, ITRI has developed two integrated approaches to improve ambient contrast ratio based on its FlexUP™ technology.

  • Transparent Flexible OLED Display Technology

    Transparent Flexible OLED Display Technology

    ITRI has developed a transparent OLED display based on its FlexUP™ substrate. With the advantages of being flexible and transparent, this technology offers enhanced user experience and open an opportunity for the next generation display.

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Display Technology Center

The objective of DTC (Display Technology Center) is to align and integrate the display related projects and resources across the organizations in ITRI. As a result, DTC is positioned to play the ‘center’ role in ITRI to lead in tackling new wave of challenges facing the Taiwan display industry in the coming decade.


To be the pioneer of Taiwan’s display industry.


To lead Taiwan into the new era of flexible display while continuing to invigorate the growth of the industry.

R & D Strategy

DTC’s Flexible AMOLED technology is capable of producing thin, light weight, unbreakable, conformal displays and can be fabricated using existing glass-based display manufacturing facilities by utilizing ITRI’s FlexUP™ (Flexible Universal Plane) technology, a plastic substrate which can withstand high temperature process. Our flexible AMOLED gained global recognition and received the R&D 100 Awards and the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Gold Awards for its FlexUP™ technology.

On the other hand, DTC has further extended research areas in developing flexible transparent display and transforming the outdated panel lines for fan-out panel level packaging to revitalize existing fall-behind panel facilities. Our well-established verification flexible OLED platform is available to serve the industries all kinds of services, including material verification, process service and prototyping.

DTC is focusing on advanced display technologies and aim to speed up the precompetitive flexible AMOLED technologies to commercialization. Our research team is currently working jointly with panel makers in establishing a supply chain, including materials, process equipment and driving system for the commercialization. Also, we have been leveraging resources within ITRI and reached out for global partnership on new materials, new equipment and innovative devices for commercial applications.

For more information, please contact Dr. Huey-Huey Lo, e-mail:; Tel: +886-3-5917432.