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Featured Projects


Smart Container

  • Cooler
  • Light-weight Cool Box / Cool Box with Long-distance and Long-lasting Fresh-keeping
  • Light-weight Long-lasting Cool Trolley
  • Smart Platform for Co distribution of Multi-Temperature
  • Goods tracking and quality monitoring system
  • Cold Chain Equipment Management System

Healthcare Service

  • Smart Wearable Health Device & Technologies
  • Personalized exercise monitoring and guidance service system technology
  • Personalized blood sugar monitoring and diet guidance service system technology
  • Data to Knowledge for Knowledge-based Decision Support Systems

Smart Consumer Service

  • E-Voucher for Tourism Package / Micro Business Unit Networking Business Model and Platform
  • Cloud-based Consumer Service and Four Flows Integration Platform
  • O2O Commerce Decision-Making Support System
  • iPOS Smart Terminal System
  • Brand Community Innovation Services


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