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Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center

A Leading Industrial Trends and Policy Research Center

The Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center is devoted to helping businesses in Taiwan meet revolutionary changes in a fast moving knowledge economy. Since its genesis, the Center has been providing customers with value-added, multi-disciplinary information and services on the ground of its in-depth research in industrial development and technological foresight. It promptly responds to clients’ needs in an ever-changing environment by coordinating vast R&D capabilities from its parent organization, the nonprofit Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and by taking advantage of ITRI’s footing in the international arena. With its knowledge management and active interactions with the government and industries, the Center helps the nation gain competitive advantages as well as helps the business community create value.


The Center is dedicated to becoming an Asian-Pacific industrial research institute and to providing services in growth strategy, consulting, and business performance evaluation. The Center continues to commit itself to voicing its view, which is an insightful and visionary commentary to push for more open dialogues and collaboration for government and industries.

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Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center