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Global Partners

ITRI signed exclusive licensing agreement with Mitsui Chemicals.
ITRI signed exclusive licensing agreement with Mitsui Chemicals.

ITRI is a research institute that welcomes collaborations with local corporations in an effort to improve the future with novel technologies. By examining worldwide trends with a sincere and open mind, ITRI create and share a suitable roadmap for your company. We will discuss this roadmap with you so that you can incorporate our proposals into your current roadmap to establish a more comprehensive plan for the future. We hope that our business partnerships aid both parties' future research and promotion efforts. At ITRI, we find custom solutions for your needs.

ITRI has multiple collaboration models to adapt to different needs or situations:

  • Contract research: ITRI may conduct testing, material evaluation, prototyping or research services for international organizations on a contract basis. Conversely, ITRI also contracts projects, mainly for advanced research, out to international institutes.
  • Joint research: This type of research encompasses the majority of ITRI’s international collaboration projects, with each party carrying its own funding. The project goals are set collaboratively by participating parties.
  • Servicing foreign companies to establish R&D centers in Taiwan: ITRI may help foreign companies build R&D centers in Taiwan, with the intent to develop technology links with local industries. Some companies choose to set up their small research units and facilities in the ITRI Open Lab, while others establish R&D centers in science parks.

Global Partners.
Global Partners.
Global Partners.
Global Partners.


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